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  • A living legacy 

    As we mark the passing of 14 years since Lebanon tragically lost one of its greatest statesmen in the most heinous manner, we can’t help but recognize that...

  • Focus on reforms 

    For months politicians have complained about the absence of a platform to air their views and grievances.

  • A promise of peace 

    The fact that Pope Francis chose this moment in history to embark on the first-ever visit by any pontiff to the Arabian Peninsula is weighty, especially as in...

  • Unwavering resolve 

    The U.S. announced Friday that USAID assistance to the occupied West Bank and Gaza had ceased, after a change in U.S. legislation that the Palestinian...

  • Time to get moving 

    At long last we have a new Cabinet and a promise of good tidings.

  • The options are clear 

    We can take some solace in the fact that all parties across the political spectrum are in agreement that a government must be formed promptly in order to lift...

  • Point of no return 

    Lebanon is literally at the end of its rope. We have been without a government for eight months now, with politicians introducing one absurd demand after...

  • Summit sense 

    International meetings such as the Arab Economic and Social Development Summit are the pinnacle of public relations events. For countries that have the honor...

  • Take the civil route 

    Musa Sadr is a national icon revered by Muslims, Christians and peace-loving Lebanese of all sects.

  • Chance of a lifetime 

    Since the advent of the 1975-90 Civil War, Lebanon has had a reputation as a cauldron of conflict for much of the world that doesn’t truly know the country.

  • The clock is ticking 

    The Lebanese have always prided themselves on being the only democracy in a jungle of dictatorships.

  • Alarming ambitions 

    All the shuttle diplomacy, horse-trading, conditions and disputes over ministerial seats and portfolios may seem to keep the political scene in Lebanon...